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A Las Vegas Based UI/UX Designer & Developer

Scott offers a successful and documented background of development, strategy, and design experience. Possesses more than fourteen years of professional experience in UI/UX design, web development, digital strategy, email marketing, print design, and project management. Specializes in identifying and solving complex design and usability challenges through implementing best practices with meticulous planning and execution. Through careful implementation of responsive web design, websites are created that are scalable and useful for all devices. Numerous design awards and accolades recognized my exceptional style and vast knowledge of UI/UX techniques and technologies.


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Scott's Portfolio

Some of Scott's specialties include UI/UX design, web development, accessibility, content management systems, project management, email marketing, writing functional guidelines and brand standards, and much more. A pioneer in designing and building responsive websites, every project is thoroughly tested for all web mediums. Tablets, mobile devices, and small screens are crafted with precision for the end-user. From thumbnails to developing realistic mockups, each project is given the proper research and exploration for the optimum end-user experience. Here is a small sample of Scott's portfolio.

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